Welcome to This document sets forth the Terms of Use of our website and applies to everyone who visits or uses our site. These Terms of Use apply to the use of all services we provide, including accessing our website via desktop and using mobile devices and applications. “Website,” “Site” or “,” as well as the provision of our advertising services on the Website, are subject to your agreement to the Terms of Use (defined below).

The agreement between you and us regarding your use of the Website consists of these terms and conditions, the policies referred to in paragraph 11 below (each a “Policy”), and together with them the “Policies,” all of which you should read carefully before using the Website.

Please read the Terms of Use and each Policy carefully. By accessing and using the Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Use and Policies and that you agree to comply with their respective terms each time you access and use the Website. If you do not agree to any of the Terms of Use or any of the Policies, you may not use the Website.

Registered users of our Website will be required to agree to these Terms of Use in order to provide the essential services provided by the Website.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to modify and update the Terms of Use and any Policy at any time and recommend that you check this page regularly to stay informed of the current Terms of Use and Policies applicable to your use of the Website. Any such changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the Website.

Registered users of the Website will be notified of any changes to the Terms of Use and will be required to confirm their acceptance of the updated Terms of Use in order to continue to provide the essential services provided by the Website.

By continuing to access, view and use the Website, unregistered users are deemed to have agreed to any changes or updates to the Terms of Use and any Policy.

We reserve the right to change the Terms of Use and any Policy at any time and to notify you by posting an updated version of the Terms of Use and/or applicable Policy on the Website. Please use the Terms of Use and Policies from time to time, as your continued use of the Website indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to comply with the then-current Terms of Use and Policies.

The Website and Advertising Service (defined below) is a website operated by (“we”, “us” or “our”).
We are registered in Russia and our office is located at:
664026 Irkutsk, Novatorov St.2.


Age and Responsibility

The use of the Website and/or Advertising Service by minors (an individual under the age of 18) is subject to the consent of their parent or guardian, and our contract is with the parent or guardian who is responsible for the minor’s compliance, We advise parents or guardians who allow minors to use the Website and/or Advertising Service to communicate with minors about their online safety, as moderation or review of advertisements is not guaranteed and Minors using any interactive service should be made aware of the potential risks to them.

You are responsible for taking all steps necessary to access the website and/or ad service. You are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access the Website and/or the Advertising Service through your Internet connection, including any minors, are aware of and comply with these terms.

The services we provide on the Website from time to time will, among other things, allow you to: (i) create, publish and manage advertisements for products for sale or for desired products or jobs; (ii) create, publish and manage written advertisements for services; (iii) contact other users of the Website; (iv) search our database of ads for a particular product, service, merchant and/or location; (v) forward advertisements to people you know; (vi) invite people you know to view the Web site

You may use the Website for your own personal and commercial or non-commercial use to use the Advertising Service strictly in accordance with the User Agreement.

The User Agreement applies to all users and visitors to the Website and the Ads Service.



Registration is not required if you simply want to view advertisements on the Site. Registration is required if you want access to basic services, including but not limited to posting ads, saving search results, and interacting with other users.

As part of the registration process, you will be asked for your email address and password, and you will be responsible for all activities performed under your account and for keeping your password secure. This includes being responsible for ensuring that you do not enter your account information into a phishing website or any other website designed to provide or provide services for All information provided must be complete and accurate.

Names and email addresses

You may not enter a name or email address that

contains “advertisements” or otherwise misrepresents your relationship with or any other party;
names must not be your email address or phone number;
contains profanity, is vulgar or offensive, or promotes illegal activities;
infringes on any trademark or other proprietary right; and/or
misleads someone else.

We reserve the right to deactivate accounts containing names and/or email addresses that do not comply with these Terms of Use at our sole discretion.

Accounts and passwords

We reserve the right to deactivate accounts that are inactive for an extended period of time.

You are responsible for all activities undertaken under your account, and you agree to use or utilize the Website only with your name, email address and password. You must make reasonable efforts to keep your password secure and not disclose it to any other person or allow anyone else to use your email address or password directly or indirectly. Accounts are not transferable, and you may not sell your account to another person. We reserve the right to terminate your registration without notice at our discretion.

You agree to notify us immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account or access to your password.

You can change your password or profile by following the instructions on the website.

We will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using or accessing your password or account, either with or without your knowledge.

You may be held liable for losses incurred by us or any other party as a result of someone else using or accessing your password or account if you fail to take reasonable steps to keep your password or account secure.

By providing us with your email address, you agree that we will use that email address to send you notices related to the advertising service, including any notices required by law, instead of communication by mail. We may also use your email address to send you other communications, such as changes to Advertising Service features and special offers. If you do not want to receive such emails, you can opt out or change your settings in your account settings. Opting out may prevent you from receiving emails about updates, improvements or offers.

We do not knowingly sell or share any personal information from your account with third parties, except for information that is necessary to provide services between buyers and sellers. Your information and privacy are important to us. If you believe that your information has been compromised in any way, please notify us immediately at [email protected]

For more information about how we use your information and your rights to update your communication settings, please see our Privacy Policy.

Deactivating accounts

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, unregistered and registered users of our sites may ask us to delete any personal information we hold. In some cases, we may not be able to delete your data if we are required to retain it to comply with our legal obligations (including law enforcement requests).

You can learn more about your right to have your data deleted and how long we retain your data by reading our Privacy Policy.


We have the right to temporarily or permanently disable, suspend or limit without limitation any password, name, mobile number, IP address, or another method we may permit from time to time on the Website to identify users (whether chosen by you or designated by us) (“User ID”) at any time in our sole discretion, including if in our opinion you have not complied with any of the Terms of Use or any applicable Policy.

You may not: (i) enter, select, send or use a false name or email address owned or controlled by another person with the intent to impersonate that person; (ii) use a User ID without proper authorization or rights; or (iii) use or provide us with a cell phone number or email address for which you are not the registered owner, bill payer or account holder. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse registration or to suspend or revoke the use of your user ID or access rights to the Website without notice. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your User IDs and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your User ID in connection with your use of the Website or the Advertising Service.

You must immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your User ID registered on the Website or transmitted to us by you, or any other related security breach. We will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to comply with this provision.

If you have forgotten or lost your user ID information used to access restricted areas of the Website, you should request it from us by visiting the “Forgot” section of the Website.

We are under no obligation to monitor or control the activities of any user or use of the Website and/or the Advertising Service, however, we reserve the right to monitor, retain and disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or regulatory authority. request or to determine compliance with the Terms of Use or otherwise.

You agree and acknowledge that has no obligation to monitor the information it transmits or stores on the Sites. You agree and acknowledge that is not responsible for the information it posts or caches, or for which it acts as a mere conduit.

Without any admission of liability, we may from time to time assess any potential risks to users from third parties when they use the Website and/or the Advertising Service, and we will decide in each case whether it is appropriate to use moderation or pre-moderation. approval of advertising on the Website (including which moderation to use) in light of these risks. We expressly exclude our liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with a user’s use of the Website and/or the Advertising Service in violation of the Terms of Use, whether the service is moderated or not, and regardless of whether the advertisement was reviewed by us before it appeared on the Website.

You understand that, except for information, products or services clearly identified as being provided by us, we do not in any way manage, control or endorse any information, products or services on the Internet. Except as otherwise indicated, all information, products and services offered through the Website or on the Internet are generally offered by third parties who are not affiliated with us. You also understand that we do not warrant that files available for downloading through the Website will be free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other code that manifest contaminating or destructive properties to your PC or mobile transmission device. It is your responsibility to implement sufficient procedures and checkpoints to meet your specific requirements for accurate data input and output,

You must not rely on any content and/or any other material on the Website to make or refrain from making any decision or taking any action upon which to rely. We disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance on such content and/or material by any user of the Website or any person who may be informed of any content. We are not responsible for the timeliness or completeness of the information on the Website, nor are we liable for any failure to do so. You are solely responsible for evaluating the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of all opinions, advice, services, products, and other information provided through the service or on the Internet generally.

We reserve the right to refuse to post any Content or other materials or to provide any other service without notice to any user or users for any reason or no reason.

We encourage you to use the “Report This Ad” mechanism that we have posted on the Website, which allows you to report any Content that violates the Terms of Use or any applicable Policy or is otherwise objectionable. will use reasonable efforts to remove the offending content complained about within a reasonable period of time. Any content reported to us will be reviewed between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding public and state holidays in the Russian Federation. Any notification received outside these hours will only be reviewed after the office is reopened.

Access to the website and/or advertising service is permitted on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right at any time and without obligation to withdraw, suspend or change any aspect or feature of the website and/or advertising service without prior notice or liability.


You shall not (and shall not permit any third party to):

-modify, adapt, translate or redesign any part of the Website and/or the Advertising Service;

-remove any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices contained on the Website and/or the Advertising Service, or in any Content or other material obtained through the Website and/or the Advertising Service;

-Use any robot, spider, website search/retrieval application or another automated device, process or tool to access, retrieve or index any part of the Website and/or Advertising Service;

-access, retrieve, or index any part of the website and/or advertising service in order to create or populate any database;

-Collect any information about other users or users of the Website and/or the Advertising Service (including User IDs) for any purpose other than to use the Website to respond to advertisements or to use the Website as intended by us;

-create or transmit unsolicited electronic messages, such as “spam,” to other users of the Website and/or the Advertising Service or otherwise interfere with other users’ use of the Website and/or the Advertising Service;

-collect or store personal data about other users in connection with the prohibited activities described in this section of the Terms of Use;

-Participate in or promote any of the following (or what we believe to be similar): surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, quick promotions, profit promotions, unsolicited emails, or spamming through the Website;

-present themselves as any person or entity;

-identify or speculate as to the identity of any anonymous or pseudonymous user; or

-request passwords or personal information for commercial or illegal purposes.

-reformat or create any part of web pages that are part of a website and/or advertising service;

-Create user accounts by automated means or under false or fraudulent pretenses or create multiple logins;

-transmit any viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses or other items of a destructive nature;

-use the Website or the Advertising Service to compromise the security of any computer network, crack passwords or security encryption codes, or transmit or store illegal material, including that deemed threatening or obscene;

-Copy or store any Content offered on the Site for your own use;

-use any device, software or procedures that interfere with the normal operation of the Web site and/or advertising service, or otherwise attempt to interfere with the normal operation of the Web site and/or advertising service;

-take any action that imposes or may impose, in our sole discretion, an unreasonable or disproportionate burden on our IT infrastructure;

-Use the Website and/or the Advertising Service, intentionally or unintentionally, to violate any applicable law;

-Upload, publish, email, transmit or otherwise make available through the Website any material that you are not entitled to make available under any law or contractual obligation that involves infringing the intellectual property rights of third parties;

-attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Website, its facilities and/or services or any accounts, computer systems, and networks associated with the Website, its facilities, and/or services, through hacking, password mining or any other means;

-Post or use any material that is obscene, libelous, defamatory, indecent, offensive, incites racial hatred or incitement to crime, name-calling, scandalous or inappropriate; and/or

-otherwise collect any programming material or information from the Website, except as permitted under the Terms of Use or to monitor, mirror, or copy any content on the Website without our prior written consent.

We reserve the absolute right, in our sole discretion, without giving any reason, to reject, modify or remove any Content posted or submitted by you at any time and without prior notice. We reserve the right to monitor and review all Content submitted, accessed or published on the Site at any time.


We are under no obligation to verify the identity of any users when they connect to the Website or to monitor the content they provide.

As a result of differing community standards and individuals who sometimes choose not to comply with our policies and guidelines, you may encounter content that you find offensive or objectionable while using the Website. You can report such content to us by using the “Report This Ad” mechanism.

Your interactions with other users, including payment and delivery of goods or services, and any other terms, warranties or representations associated with such relationships are solely between you and the other user.

We are not responsible for any transactions you make as a result of your contact with the seller of any item listed in any listing on the Site. Although we reserve the right to monitor or intervene in disputes between you and other users, we are under no obligation to do so.

As with all web interactions, we encourage you to exercise caution and common sense. If there is a dispute between you and any third party (including the advertiser), we are under no obligation to become involved.

You are advised to exercise caution when providing personal information about yourself on the Sites. Any personal information you voluntarily provide in your publicly accessible profile will be available worldwide to anyone who has access to the Site. Please note that certain information you may provide may reveal information about your racial or ethnic origin, political beliefs, religious or philosophical beliefs, or union membership, genetic information, biometric information, health information, or information about your sexual life or sexual orientation.

When users engage in a transaction, information such as each other’s name, username, email address and other contact information, postal information, and financial information may be exchanged between users. We cannot guarantee that other users will respect the privacy or security of your information, and therefore we recommend that you evaluate the privacy and security policies of your trading partners before entering into a transaction and deciding to share your information with them. Similarly, we ask that you respect the privacy of other users and disclose your privacy and security policies to them. In all cases, you must comply with data protection laws and give other users the opportunity to remove themselves from your database and view the information you have collected about them.

You may use other users’ information only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations (including, but not limited to, data protection laws) and only for:

-Advertising transaction-related purposes that are not unsolicited commercial communications;

-Use of services offered through advertising; and

-Other purposes to which the user expressly consents.

Although we cannot control the offline behavior of its users, you must not use any information obtained from the website to harass, abuse, or harm another person, or to contact, advertise to, solicit, or sell to any user or person without their prior express consent.

We will not disclose any contact information regarding advertisements that have been removed or deleted pursuant to our obligations under applicable data protection laws. You can read our Privacy Policy here.


These provisions apply to any Content that you contribute to the Website and/or the Advertising Service, as well as any interactive services related thereto.

You must comply with the spirit of the following standards as well as the letter. The standards apply to every part of any Content as well as all of it.

You are solely responsible for any Content that you submit, post or display on the Site or transmit to other users of the Site.

You are solely responsible for your advertisements listed on the Site. You understand that all information publicly posted or privately transmitted through the Site is the sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originated and that we will not be liable for any errors or omissions in any content or as a result of user use of any content. Internet Site. You understand that we cannot guarantee the identity of any other users with whom you may interact while using the advertising service. In addition, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of any data that users may provide about themselves or the relationships they may describe.

By posting Content to the Website, you grant us, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant us, our contractors and users of the Website, an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, fully sublicensable, fully-paid worldwide license to use, copy, publicly perform, digitally perform, publicly display and distribute such Content, and to prepare derivative works of or incorporate into other works such Content. This license is non-exclusive, except that you agree that we will have the exclusive right to use this license to the extent that your Content is combined with the Content of others to create or populate a searchable database of advertisements. You understand that this license allows us to reformat, extract or translate any Content submitted by you.

The following is a partial list of criteria that Content must meet. Content must:

-be accurate (where facts are stated);
-be honest (where it expresses an opinion); and
-comply with applicable laws of the Russian Federation and any country from which it has been sent.

The following is a partial list of the types of content that are prohibited on the Site.
You must not:
-comment, defame, insult, harass, stalk, threaten, or otherwise offend others;

-Publish Content that is illegal, obscene, libelous, defamatory, obscene, offensive, racially hateful, discriminatory, threatening, scandalous, inflammatory, breach of trust, invasive of privacy or inappropriate;

-Post Content in violation of any applicable laws or regulations;

-deceive or mislead any person and/or entity;

-Misrepresent, impersonate or otherwise misrepresent your identity, including but not limited to using a pseudonym, or misrepresenting your current or prior positions and qualifications, or your affiliations with an individual or entity, past or present;

-Upload Content that duplicates Content already published on the Site;

-Upload, post, email, transmit, or otherwise make available any Content or initiate communications that include information that you may not disclose or make available under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as inside information, proprietary or confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements); and

-Upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes” or any other form of solicitation;

-upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; and/or interfere with or disrupt the Website or servers or networks connected to the Website, or disobey any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations

We do not control the Content posted by users through the Advertising Service, including the content of any advertisements or blog posts, and we do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of such Content. You understand that by using the Website and/or the Advertising Service, you may encounter Content that is offensive, indecent or objectionable. You are responsible for complying with all laws applicable to Content that you submit to the Site through the Advertising Service. We may refuse any advertising service without notice to any user for any or no reason. We also have the right, in our sole discretion, to disclose your identity to any third party who alleges that any Content posted or uploaded by you to the Website constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights or their right to privacy.


Your use of the Website and the Advertising Services is subject to the following terms and conditions relating to specific services and features associated with the Website:


We may, with or without cause, immediately remove your advertisement and terminate your access to the Advertising Service or User ID without notice at our sole discretion. Removal or otherwise of an advertisement should not be construed as an indication of infringement by the advertiser.

Without limiting the foregoing, the following may cause us to remove a user advertisement and/or terminate access to the Advertising Service: (a) violation of the user agreement (b) requests by law enforcement, police or other government agencies about you or any content you have provided to us; (c) your request (self-delete(me)); (d) unexpected technical problems or issues; and (e) extended periods of inactivity. Removing a user’s advertisements and terminating access to the advertisement service may result in the removal of all Content that we may choose to remove. It may also prevent your continued use of the Website or User ID, as applicable. Furthermore, you agree that termination of your User Agreement or your use of the Website is at our sole discretion and that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for termination of your account or access to the Website or removal of Content. You can view more information about how we process your data by reading our Privacy Policy.

We may review and remove any advertisements, blog postings or other Content that, in our sole discretion, violate the User Agreement or which may be offensive, illegal or may violate the rights, harm or threaten the safety of other users of the Website or us.

We reserve the right to investigate and determine, in our sole discretion, whether a violation of the User Agreement has occurred when you use the Website and/or the advertising service. In the event of a violation of the User Agreement, we may take such action as we deem appropriate.


If you have any concerns about material that appears on the Website, or if you believe that Content posted on the Website violates the User Agreement or is otherwise objectionable, please let us know through the “Report This Ad” mechanism on the Website or send a letter to at our registered address, giving full details of your concern or complaint, stating the reasons for your concern or complaint with a clear link to any related such Content.

If you do not provide us with sufficient information, we will not be able to process your complaint. We reserve the right to investigate and in our sole discretion determine what action (if any) to take. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users of the Website. While we reserve the right to monitor or intervene in disputes between you and other users, we are under no obligation to do so.

We will make every reasonable effort to respond to complaints received as soon as possible, and our goal is to respond to all complaints within one business day. Please note, however, that from time to time complaints may take longer than one business day to resolve.


You must tell us immediately if anyone brings, or threatens to bring, a claim or legal proceeding against you concerning your use of the Website and/or advertising service. You must, upon our request, immediately terminate the action complained of. If we ask you to do so, you must confirm the details of the complaint in writing. If you are unable to stop the action or actions complained about, we reserve the right to take any appropriate action against you.


Publication of advertisements is subject to a fee payable to (the “Fee”). The terms of payment are set out on the website and are displayed in the course of your offer to advertise with us. The Fee for all advertising services is specified in rubles and payable in rubles. No value-added tax (VAT) is due.

You can pay via any online payment system, our bank account or by credit or debit card.

If you pay by credit or debit card, your payment will be processed by Paypal. Paypal is an online payment company that has been audited by a certified PCI. You can save your PayPal and/or credit and debit card information for future payments on the Site.

If you choose to pay by PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal’s website, and you will be subject to PayPal’s policies, including their user agreement and privacy policy. We are not responsible for PayPal services and you should separately check and confirm that you agree to PayPal’s terms and conditions before instructing them to pay us.


Once your advertisement appears on the Site, your request for our services cannot be canceled at that time. You may cancel your advertisement by contacting us before it appears on the Site.


Once you have completed the process of submitting your ad, we will send you an email confirming receipt of your order to the Ad Service, this email does not constitute acceptance of your order. Your order to advertise on the Site will not be accepted, and there will be an agreement between us and you regarding the publication of advertisements on the Site until we receive payment for the Ad Service.

Premium Ads will be automatically withdrawn after 14 days of submission. Premium Ads will be submitted for 30 days, after which they will be automatically withdrawn. Premium ads in a package of five ads will be listed for 40 days, after which they will be automatically withdrawn. If you wish to extend this period, you will need to re-submit your ad maintenance request and pay additional fees for these services.

Content containing advertisements will be displayed on the Site. Individual advertisers are solely responsible for the content they provide to us, including compliance with applicable laws. We are not responsible for the content of any business and/or advertising material, including but not limited to any errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

Please note that the content of published advertisements is provided by external users and does not reflect any of the views or opinions of, nor do they make any claim to do so.

Accordingly, we require that you or on your behalf take every precaution in compiling the content of your advertisements to ensure that they are not in any way defamatory, illegal or otherwise harmful to a third party, as you are solely responsible as the author and publisher of your advertisements.


When you advertise on the Website, you must provide accurate, current and complete information and promptly update the information you provide to us as it changes.

Advertisements containing illegal, defamatory, obscene, indecent or otherwise offensive material are prohibited on the Website. Duplicate advertisements are also prohibited.

We have no control over the content of advertisements posted by users on the Website and do not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of the content. You understand that by using the Website, you may encounter offensive, indecent, or objectionable content without liability.

The use of multiple brand names/search terms means that advertisements appear in the wrong category and search listings, making them inaccurate, and therefore we do not allow their use in any form on the Website. is a family-friendly website, so we reserve the right to review and reject any advertisements that we believe have an adult theme. In particular, no graphic images may be used in advertisements, and any unsolicited content will be removed.

The Site also does not allow advertisements for the sale of any substance or product that is considered a “controlled drug” under the following legislation (each as amended, supplemented or replaced from time to time) or the sale of which is restricted by any other law:

You may not advertise products that require the seller to have a license to sell or be trained to distribute, including but not limited to drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and endangered or protected animal species.

Content should not contain links to items in any way unrelated to photography (not related to their sale or purchase, requesting information or otherwise), as our website is only about the sale of photo merchandise and photo equipment.

Ads posted and found to be in violation of our policies will be removed without notice and no refund will be given. Accounts of Users found to have violated our rules more than once may be deleted and their information may be turned over to the police.


You are considered a Store if you represent an individual entrepreneur, partnership, company or sell goods for profit.
Stores can be advertised on, but you must first contact us via our registration form.
We reserve the right to refuse or terminate a Store subscription at any time.
Stores must comply with the Consumer Protection Act of the Russian Federation, and all other relevant laws.
All stores must also be familiar with the Distance Selling Regulations (returns, warranty, etc.) and the legal rights of consumers.

Also, all stores must provide the following information when registering to place an ad:

– Full contact information for your business
– Details of any relevant sales organizations or authorization scheme
– Clear indication of prices, taxes, and shipping costs, if applicable.

Please review our general rules before posting your first listing.
In addition to these rules, stores commit to:

– Post listings with accurate details and photos.
– Not edit the description of the listing to change it to another item.
– Post only one item for each listing and choose only one category for their listing. Multiple ads with the same item and / or repeated ads will be deleted.
– Post the same (or lower) price as advertised on their site/store, etc.
– Mark your listing as sold out when an item becomes unavailable/sold out.
– Check your listings/emails regularly and respond to them within 24 hours (except on weekends).

Offers to buy or sell items outside of are prohibited.
For transparency, all questions and comments must be posted in the listing.


To ensure the best viewing experience for our users, your potential customers, we ask you to create only one ad for each item/product.

We only allow one item/product per ad. This ensures that your products show up in the right searches and helps them sell faster. Your ads may be removed if:

– you have more than one item/product listed;
– you have multiple listings for the same item/product in multiple sections; and/or
– you have multiple listings for the same item/product in multiple categories.

This will help the potential customer find the item you want to sell. It will also make it easier to remove ads when selling an item. If this policy is not followed, we reserve the right to remove the offending ad(s) from the Site without notice or refund.


Please use the “Report This Ad” mechanism that we have posted on the Website to report any advertisement that violates the User Agreement, is illegal, or is otherwise objectionable.


All advertisements must comply with the above requirements in addition to the standards set forth in the Agreement.


You are solely responsible for the Content appearing in any of your advertisements and for merchandise sold following the advertisement. We are not responsible for products appearing on the Website that you advertise or purchase, nor are we responsible for Content appearing in any of your advertisements. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we disclaim any liability with respect to any reliance arising from the content of any advertisement by any user of the Website or any claim arising from any goods to which the Content relates.


Your failure to comply with the terms of the User Agreement may result in us taking any or all of the following actions:

– immediate, temporary or permanent termination of your right to use the Website and/or advertising service;

– immediate, temporary or permanent deletion of any publications, materials or Content you have uploaded to the Website;

– issue you with a public (through the Website) or private warning;

– limit the number of posts you may make;

– suspend, restrict or limit any rights or permissions associated with your User ID;

– instituting legal proceedings against you to recover all costs on a full indemnity basis (including, but not limited to, reasonable administrative and legal costs) arising out of the breach

– other legal action against you; and/or

– disclosure of such information to law enforcement authorities as we reasonably believe necessary, as set forth in our Privacy Policy.

We exclude liability for actions taken in response to a violation of the Terms of Use. The responses described above are not exhaustive and we may take any other action we deem appropriate.


In order to place a Promobox Format Ad on the Site, please make payment for this product using the information specified on the Site. The term of placement of the Promobox format advertisement is 40 days, starting from the moment of its placement on the site. The price includes the production of one layout according to the information provided by the Advertiser.
After payment, the Advertiser will receive one information block on the index page of the site, one advertising block on the sidebar, and in the bottom bar of the website, visible to each visitor.


Where advertisements or other Content are rejected and/or removed by us from the Site, our policy does NOT provide for refunds. If you have any doubts about the suitability of a proposed advertisement, please contact us in advance to place the advertisement for appropriate guidance.


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Веб-сайт и служба рекламы предоставляются только на условиях «как есть». Вы не можете полагаться на какой-либо Контент и / или другие материалы на Веб-сайте и / или в Службе рекламы для принятия (или воздержания от принятия) какого-либо решения или принятия (или воздержания от выполнения) каких-либо действий, на которые следует полагаться. Мы отказываемся от любой ответственности (будь то по договору, деликту или иным образом), возникающей из или в связи с какой-либо зависимостью от такого Контента и / или материалов со стороны любого пользователя Веб-сайта и / или Службы рекламы, или любым лицом, которому может быть сообщено любого содержимого. Мы не несем ответственности за актуальность и полноту информации на Веб-сайте и / или в Службе рекламы, а также не несем ответственности за невыполнение этого.

Контент и другие материалы, отображаемые на Сайте, предоставляются без каких-либо гарантий, условий или гарантий относительно его точности. В той степени, в которой это разрешено законом, мы прямо исключаем:

  1. все условия, гарантии и другие условия, которые в противном случае могут подразумеваться законом, общим правом или законом о справедливости; и
  2. любую ответственность за любую потерю дохода или выручки, потерю бизнеса, потерю прибыли или контрактов, потерю ожидаемых сбережений, потерю данных, потерю деловой репутации, потерянное время управления или офисное время, а также за любую другую потерю или ущерб любого рода, любой прямые или любые косвенные или косвенные убытки или ущерб, понесенные любым пользователем в связи с использованием веб-сайта и / или службы рекламы или в связи с использованием, невозможностью использования или результатами использования веб-сайта и / или службы рекламы, любых веб-сайтов связанные с ним и любыми материалами, размещенными на нем, однако возникающими и вызванными деликтом (включая небрежность), нарушением договора или иным образом, даже если это можно предвидеть.

Ничто в настоящих Условиях использования не исключает и не ограничивает нашу ответственность в отношении любого ущерба, возникшего в результате смерти или телесных повреждений, вызванных халатностью или мошенническим искажением или искажением информации относительно фундаментального вопроса, или любой другой ответственности, которая не может быть исключены или ограничены в соответствии с действующим законодательством.

Мы не несем ответственности за неисполнение любого из наших обязательств по Пользовательскому соглашению, вызванное вопросами, находящимися вне нашего разумного контроля. Ни при каких обстоятельствах мы не несем никакой ответственности за любой Контент, включая, помимо прочего, любые ошибки или упущения в любом Контенте, а также любые убытки или ущерб любого рода, понесенные в результате использования, доступа или отказ в доступе к любому Контенту на Сайте.

Хотя мы прилагаем все разумные усилия для обеспечения того, чтобы на Веб-сайте не было вирусов и дефектов, мы не несем ответственности за любые потери или ущерб, вызванные распределенной атакой типа «отказ в обслуживании», вирусами, вредоносными или вредными компьютерными программами или другими технологически вредными материал, который может заразить ваше компьютерное оборудование, компьютерные программы, данные или другие проприетарные материалы в результате использования вами веб-сайта и / или службы рекламы, а также загрузки вами любых материалов, размещенных на нем или на любом связанном с ним веб-сайте.

Мы не гарантируем безопасность онлайн-сервисов или любых систем, связанных с использованием Веб-сайта (включая Интернет и ваше аппаратное и программное обеспечение), используемых при доступе к сервисам, или любой информации, передаваемой через такие системы. Мы не гарантируем, что доступ к Веб-сайту или любым системам, используемым при доступе к нашим услугам, будет непрерывным, без вирусов или ошибок.

Любой материал, загруженный или иным образом полученный посредством использования Веб-сайта, делается на ваше усмотрение и на ваш риск, и вы несете единоличную ответственность за любой ущерб вашей компьютерной системе или потерю данных, возникшую в результате загрузки любого такого материала. Никакие советы или информация, будь то в устной или письменной форме, полученные вами от нас или через Веб-сайт, не создают никаких гарантий, прямо не указанных в Пользовательском соглашении.


Вы должны воздержаться от требований возмещения от нас, а также наших и их соответствующих должностных лиц, директоров, акционеров, сотрудников, агентов, лицензиаров и поставщиков (каждый из которых является « Возмещаемым лицом ») и не требовать от них и возмещения по судебным решениям штрафов, расчетов, издержек и расходов (в том числе, без ограничений, разумных юридических и бухгалтерских сборов), понесенных или понесенных Возмещаемым лицом и возникающих из или в связи с любым из следующего:

– любое нарушение Пользовательского соглашения;

– Ваш доступ или использование Веб-сайта, Контента или Рекламной службы таким образом, что это нарушает или, как предполагается, нарушает какой-либо применимый закон или права (включая, помимо прочего, права на неприкосновенность частной жизни или права интеллектуальной собственности) любого другого лица.


Вы можете размещать ссылки на Веб-сайт, если вы делаете это честным и законным способом и не наносите ущерба нашей репутации или не используете ее, но вы не должны устанавливать ссылку таким образом, чтобы предлагать какую-либо форму ассоциации, одобрение, спонсорство или одобрение с нашей стороны без нашего письменного разрешения или для прямой конкуренции с Веб-сайтом и перенаправления трафика с него. Вы не должны устанавливать ссылку с любого веб-сайта, который не принадлежит вам.

Мы оставляем за собой право отозвать разрешение на размещение ссылок без предварительного уведомления. Веб-сайт (полностью или частично) не должен быть размещен на каком-либо другом веб-сайте или каким-либо иным образом изменен или отображен иначе, чем мы его отображаем.

Если вы хотите использовать материалы на Сайте, кроме как в порядке, разрешенном настоящими Условиями использования, включая изложенные выше, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами.


Если Веб-сайт содержит ссылки на другие веб-сайты и ресурсы, предоставляемые Баннерными рекламодателями, рекламодателями, использующими Веб-сайт, или другими третьими лицами, эти ссылки предоставляются только для вашей информации. Мы не контролируем содержимое этих веб-сайтов или ресурсов, и мы не несем ответственности за них или за любые потери или ущерб, которые могут возникнуть в результате их использования. Если вы переходите по ссылке на любой из таких веб-сайтов, вы покидаете веб-сайт и делаете это на свой страх и риск.


В ходе предоставления вам услуг и в отношении использования вами Веб-сайта нам может потребоваться связаться с вами по электронной почте или с помощью другой информации, которую вы нам предоставили. Вы соглашаетесь получать электронные письма, относящиеся к вашему заказу и необходимые для нормального функционирования Веб-сайта, включая электронные письма, которые помогают информировать пользователей о функциональных возможностях Веб-сайта. Вы можете прочитать больше информации об этом в нашей  Политике конфиденциальности .


Ваша конфиденциальность важна для нас. 
Пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с нашей  Политикой конфиденциальности,  чтобы узнать, как мы собираем, защищаем, обрабатываем и используем ваши личные данные. Сайт также использует файлы cookie, и, используя Сайт, вы соглашаетесь на размещение файлов cookie. Чтобы узнать больше о файлах cookie, которые мы используем, и о том, как ими управлять, ознакомьтесь с нашей Политикой в отношении файлов cookie. Любые внешние ссылки на другие веб-сайты четко идентифицируются как таковые, и мы не несем ответственности за содержание или политику конфиденциальности, или файлов cookie этих других веб-сайтов.


Пользовательское соглашение и любые недоговорные обязательства, вытекающие из или в связи с Пользовательским соглашением, регулируются и истолковываются в соответствии с ирландским законодательством, а суды Российской Федерации обладают исключительной юрисдикцией в отношении заслушивания, урегулирования и определения любой спор, который может возникнуть в связи с пользовательским соглашением или в связи с ним, за исключением того, что сохраняется право возбудить против вас разбирательство в вашей стране проживания или в любом другом суде компетентной юрисдикции.


Неисполнение или задержка в осуществлении права или средства правовой защиты, предусмотренные в Пользовательском соглашении или в соответствии с законодательством, не означает отказ от права или средства правовой защиты или отказ от других прав или средств защиты. Ни одно, или частичное использование права или средства правовой защиты, предусмотренных пользовательским соглашением или законом, не препятствует дальнейшему осуществлению этого права или средства правовой защиты или осуществлению другого права или средства правовой защиты. Права и средства защиты, содержащиеся в Пользовательском соглашении, являются совокупными и не исключают прав или средств защиты, предусмотренных законом.


Если весь или какая-либо часть положения пользовательского соглашения является или становится незаконной, недействительной или не имеющей законной силы в соответствии с законодательством какой-либо юрисдикции, это не должно влиять на законность, действительность или применимость в соответствии с законодательством этой юрисдикции оставшейся части положения в отношении данного или любого другого положения пользовательского соглашения, а также законности, действительности или применимости в соответствии с законодательством любой другой юрисдикции этого или любого другого положения пользовательского соглашения.


Мы можем в любое время по нашему усмотрению переуступить или передать в субподряд какие-либо или все наши права и обязанности по Пользовательскому соглашению с вами третьей стороне. Вы не можете без нашего предварительного письменного согласия переуступать или распоряжаться какими-либо своими правами или обязанностями, вытекающими из Пользовательского соглашения.

Соглашаясь с Пользовательским соглашением, вы также соглашаетесь на передачу в порядке новации всех соответствующих прав и обязанностей, изложенных в этом документе.

Условия использования и Политики содержат полное соглашение и договоренности между сторонами, касающимися Веб-сайта и Сервиса рекламы, и заменяют собой любые предыдущие соглашения, договоренности, заявления и договоренности, за исключением случаев мошенничества или мошенничества, представленных вами или вами. нас. В случае любого несоответствия между любой Политикой и Условиями использования, Условия использования имеют приоритет.


Вы признаете и соглашаетесь с тем, что любые вопросы, комментарии, предложения, идеи, отзывы и другая информация о Веб-сайте и / или предоставляемой вами Службе рекламы не являются конфиденциальными и могут использоваться нами по нашему усмотрению.