Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions that may arise.

What are the main rules?

Here are the general rules to follow:
– Before placing an advert for the sale of a product or service, the user must create a seller’s account with their contact details, which will help to create good communication between the seller and the buyer.
– The seller can post only one item in one ad.
– The announcement should not be repeated (i.e. no need to duplicate the ad at one time). You can renew the ad for free after the expiration of the presentation period (14 days).
Posting more than one item in an advert or duplication of the ads will be considered as spam and is NOT ALLOWED.
– Each item must be placed in the appropriate category.
– All adverts posted on must be accompanied by a valid phone number.
– All ads must be accompanied by the prices indicated in US dollars.
– It is allowed to place ads only related to the photo business.
– The official language of the website is English. Please post your ads in English only. We recommend using a Google translate service if you have difficulties in the translation.
– It is forbidden to use repeated upper case letters (CAPSLOCK), or include phone numbers in the images or in the heading.
– No contact details should be included in the description. Please use them in your seller’s details description.
– Each user can have only one account when advertising. If we find that a duplicate has been created, both accounts will be blocked and deleted.

Advertisements that violate these rules will be removed.
Please note that the user will be issued the first and only warning for breaking the rules. Repeated violation of these rules will lead to the blocking of the user account and any subsequent reincarnation.
We hope that following these simple guidelines will ensure a better website experience for the community.

Types of Ads

The marketplace offers you 2 different types of ads that you can select during ad posting or reposting. It is not possible to switch between different ad types while it is alive.
Available types are:
Free Ad
Premium Ad
The Free Ad will be visible for 2 weeks (14 days), and you will have to update it manually if you need it.
Compared to the Premium Ad, the Free Ad contains fewer images to add (only one).
The administrator can reject your ad if it does not comply with the rules of the trading platform.
Also, your ad may be deleted without explanation.

How to add your ad to the list

To place an ad first, you need to register an account. After you have an account, just click on the blue button at the top menu bar and follow the procedure.

1. Choose the pricing/ad type. (Free Ad, Featured Premium, or Multipack Premium)
Please note that the Featured Premium ad has 5 images to upload but the Multipack of Premium Ads has 10, so it is reasonable to choose a Multipack option if you want to sell your equipment quickly and pay less for the advertising.
2. Enter the title of your advert.
3. Select a category and a sub-category for your ad.
4. Add a description by filling in all the required fields and describe your product as detailed as possible.  Make sure to include as much information as possible – brand, model, weight, and dimensions.
Do not forget about the shipping options.
5. Add images to present the product at its best.
Click ‘Add Photos’, once you have located the photo you wish to upload, select it and click open. Upload multiple photos at once by holding down the CTRL-key.
Please do not upload photos with more than 2 Mb in size.
6. Add an asking price (if applicable). Please only enter numbers – no symbols, spaces or letters.
7. Select your location.
8. Pay for the publishing by PayPal or any debit or credit card (Paypal handles it also).
Once the form is completed and paid, you will receive a confirmation email.
Your ad will appear on the board very shortly. If you receive an email saying that your ad is pending, it means that your ad needs to be checked by an admin before going live.

A list of all the ads you posted will appear on your profile under the My Ads link.

I cant find my advert on the site

Once you place your Premium ad, it will appear on within a matter of seconds.
You can view all your active and inactive ads in your profile.

If you have the ad in your list of ads but cannot see the ad while browsing the site:
It may be advertised in the wrong category. Find the ad in your profile, go to ‘edit ad’ and click ‘edit category’ to submit a request to have the category changed.

If one of your ads is missing from your profile:
Your advert may have been a duplicate. Multiple listings for one item are against our rules and will be removed. No refund in this case. Sorry. Please follow the rules to avoid it in the future.
Check our list of forbidden items.
Your account may have been suspended.
Your advert may be pending a manual check.

If an advert has been removed from the site, we will send you an email notification to explain why your advert was removed.

How to promote an Ad

List of available options:
Featured Premium Ad
Featured Premium Multipack (5 Ads)
Featured PromoBox

Premium Ad:
Before publishing an ad, you must choose the way it is presented: Free or Featured.

A free do not stand out from the list of other ads, so we recommend that you select a Premium Ad.
It will be visible for 30 days and visually will be different from free ads. In addition, Featured advertising will adhere to a higher position than any free ad on the list and will have a colorful style.
Also, you will be able to add 5 images to the description of the goods and will help you to have it sold in a shorter time.

Premium Multipack
If you purchase Featured Premium Multipack, you will have additional benefits: the ad will be displayed for 40 days, will be cheaper for each ad and you will be able to add 10 images.

Featured PromoBox
To promote your products, you can purchase Featured PromoBox and place your ad on the landing page and sidebar for 40 days.
Advertising located on the sidebar widget will be visible to all visitors of the trading platform and will attract a lot of attention.
Our company will prepare the design of your ad for free.

After you have selected the type and period of the promotion, you can go to the payment screen. After payment, the option will be activated. The promotion starts from the moment the payment is cleared, and not from the moment the offer is requested.

How to contact a Seller

In order to contact the seller go to its profile page or any of his/her ads and you will notice a section with a phone number and all the rest contact information.

How to report Ad
If you feel that the ad is breaking some rules, you can report it directly to the Administrator and writing detail reason.
Ad will remain active until administrator checks it out.

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