Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your questions that may arise.

1. What are the main rules?

1.1. Only photo-related products may be posted on our website.
1.2. It is forbidden to insert a logo as a photo attached to your ad.
1.3. Any ad containing text items (words, phrases, sentences, etc.) which may be counter to legal or regulatory provisions or the spirit of publication, or are immoral, or which may offend or shock readers, will be rejected by without giving rise to any right to compensation whatsoever.
1.4. Only ads posted for the sale of original products are allowed (minilabs, cameras, tripods, flashes, etc.). We would like to remind you that the sale of copies is considered as piracy by law and is punishable.
1.5. You must post your ad in the category in which your item is for sale. It may only be entered once. An ad posted in multiple locations will be deleted.
1.6. The following is prohibited :

  • putting a link to another website in the title and/or description of the ad if you use the free plan. 
  • posting an ad asking for private donations or with a humanitarian goal  
  • posting racist/hateful/offensive comments/titles/descriptions 
  • posting an ad for any professional purposes, unless posted by the Business Member of the website 
  • posting an ad for something that is regulated or prohibited by law 

As a user of the, you must make sure that the item you want to sell or buy is authorized by the applicable law in your country. reserves all publication rights over ads.
The administrator can reject your ad if it does not comply with the rules of the trading platform.
Also, your ad may be deleted without explanation.

The marketplace offers you 2 different types of ads that you can select during ad posting or reposting. It is not possible to switch between different ad types while it is alive.

Available types are:
Free Ad
Premium Ad
The Free Ad will be visible for 14 days.
A Premium ad can be placed using any membership plan and will run for 30 or 60 days (amount varies by plan).
You can place 3 ads for free for every 30 days.

How to add your ad to the list

To place an ad first, you need to register an account. After you have an account, just click on the green button at the top menu bar and follow the procedure.

1. Choose the ad type. (Sell/Buy/Exchange)
Please note that it is reasonable to choose a Multipack option if you want to sell your equipment quickly and pay less for advertising.
2. Select a category and a sub-category for your ad. 
3. Enter the title of your advert.
4. Add a description by filling in all the required fields and describe your product as detailed as possible.  Make sure to include as much information as possible – brand, model, weight, and dimensions.
Do not forget about the shipping options.
5. Add images to present the product at its best.
Click ‘Add Photos’, once you have located the photo you wish to upload, select it, and click open. Upload multiple photos at once by holding down the CTRL-key.
Please note that there is not possible to upload photos with more than 2 Mb in size.
6. Add an asking price (if applicable). Please only enter numbers – no symbols, spaces, or letters.
7. Select your location.
8. Pay for membership if you want to place more than 3 ads during a month and want to have your ads highlighted or featured. 
Once the form is completed and paid, you will receive a confirmation email.
Your ad will appear on the board very shortly. If you receive an email saying that your ad is pending, it means that your ad needs to be checked by an admin before going live.

A list of all the ads you posted will appear on your profile under the My Ads link.

3. I can't find my advert on the site

Once you place your Premium ad, it will appear on the within a matter of seconds.
You can view all your active and inactive ads in your profile.

If you have the ad in your list of ads but cannot see the ad while browsing the site:
It may be advertised in the wrong category. Find the ad in your profile, go to ‘edit ad’ and click ‘edit category’ to submit a request to have the category changed.

If one of your ads is missing from your profile:
Your advert may have been a duplicate. Multiple listings for one item are against our rules and will be removed. No refund in this case. Sorry. Please follow the rules to avoid it in the future.
Check our list of forbidden items.
Your account may have been suspended.
Your advert may be pending a manual check.

If an advert has been removed from the site, we will send you an email notification to explain why your advert was removed.

4. How to promote an Ad?

Here is a list of available options:
"Bump it Up" for 3 days
“Top” and “Featured” Listing (1 ad) for 7 days.
“Top” and “Featured” Listing (1 ad) for 15 days.

"Bump it Up" for 3 days:
This option allows you to place your ad at the top if it has dropped in the list of all ads.
Please note that the ad will not be pinned at the top and will move down with each subsequent ad posted by other users.

“Top” and “Featured” Listing (1 ad)
A free ad does not visually stand out from the list of other ads, so we recommend choosing a Featured ad.
It will be visible for 7 or 15 days and visually will be different from free ads. In addition, Featured advertising will adhere to a higher position than any free ad on the list and will have a colorful style.

Premium Multipacks
If you purchase the Premium Multipack plan, you have additional benefits: ads will appear for 30 or 40 days, you can make 50% of your ads as Featured and place them at the top of the list at no additional cost.

Business plan
A Business plan is the best choice for a company that wants to sell their products on our bulletin board. This provides all the advantages of multi-packs and allows you to create a store with a convenient dashboard.

After you have selected the type and period of the promotion, you can go to the payment screen. After payment, the option will be activated. The promotion starts from the moment the payment is cleared, and not from the moment the offer is requested.

How to contact a Seller?

In order to contact the seller go to its profile page or any of his/her ads and you will notice a section with a phone number and all the rest contact information. 
Also, you can contact him using the chat feature of our website.
Please note that the seller will receive the notification about your first message through email so delay with the response is normal.

How to report Ad

If you feel that the ad is breaking some rules, you can report it directly to the Administrator and writing detailed reasons.
The ad will remain active until the administrator checks it out.

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