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About the product you are selling:
– Describe the condition of the item (s) in a reasonable and realistic manner. Do not forget to set the price.
Be as descriptive as much as possible.

About price and sale:
– Be prepared to negotiate, especially if someone is willing to buy multiple items or if you set not a fixed price.
– If you have sold an item, please update or remove your ad and inform all visitors who were interested in your item that it is no longer available.
– If you expect a buyer to pay later, be aware that you may have to follow up and send a payment reminder email. Or understand that you may not be paid at all. You can use a chat feature of our web board to communicate with a buyer for it.
– Don’t inflate prices. If you are offering an item at a certain price and you promise it to someone, do not answer back and tell the person that you have a better deal.
– Once you’ve agreed on a price, fulfill your commitment. If someone else offers more after the deal is closed, it’s too late. Even if the original person hasn’t picked up the item yet. Even if the new proposal is much better.

About your ad:
– Please post your location
– Please do not post your item more than once per 10 days unless you have lowered the price or made any other changes to your listing.

About communication with the buyer:
– Reply to the buyer quickly.
– Have extra photos ready to share.