The new SLD laser module (Semiconductor Laser Diode) has been designed specifically to address the needs of service centers requiring superior optical quality, reliability, and ultra-stable wavelength and output powers.

We produce laser modules in two variants:
– as new laser module in our custom-made body for all types of Noritsu lasers (A/A1/B/B1/fF)
– as an internal component (replacement unit) for the original Shimadzu or Showa laser modules.

A new universal laser module was designed for service centers when no one knows what laser will die next at the customers’ labs.
This product is VERY popular among service centers due to its universality, high reliability, and easy installation.

For certain customers, if you know exactly the laser type of the defective module, we recommend ordering from us the upgraded SLD module based on the original laser modules of Shimadzu or Showa.

In order to upgrade the original Shimadzu or Showa laser modules from dated DPSS to the ulti


  • Category : Noritsu Spare parts
  • Condition : New, Used (Refurbished)
  • Brand : Noritsu, Fujifilm, AGFA, Durst, Imetto
  • Location : Irkutsk, Russia


  • High reliability
  • Perfect laser beam shape
  • Long operating lifetimes
  • Low level of operating power consumption
  • 3 years guarantee
  • Aftersale support
  • Easy installation
  • A very attractive prices
  • Free delivery by EMS to any country

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