Noritsu QSS3704G HD QUADRO

Noritsu QSS3704G HD QUADRO
We offer a refurbished Noritsu QSS3704G HD QUADRO in perfect condition.
Quadro unit is included in price.
One of the rarest models now is for sale!

Fantastic photos for your customers, more sales for you!
The highest resolution minilab on the market creates prints with superior image depth and color.
– Professional quality photos: Amazing 640 dpi (12 bit) resolution: This is possible thanks to the high-definition laser engine.
– Minimal waiting time: You can easily reduce the time it takes to produce your first print. Your customers place their orders and pick up their prints in one visit.
– XL-images: Paper widths up to 30.48 cm and a maximum paper feed length of 91.44 cm. Great for making photo books, which makes a fantastic profit!

Very clean lab.Almost new.
Water tested. Ready to work right out of the box.
3-months warranty.
Workstation with Noritsu EZ Controller included.
The price is 33,000 euros or 35,600 USD.


  • Category: Noritsu
  • Condition: Used (like new)
  • Brand: Noritsu
  • Location: Germany
  • Model: Noritsu QSS3704G HD Quadro


  • High resolution prints: 640 dpi
  • Max print size: 30 x 91 cm - perfect printer for photo books!
  • QUADRO UNIT: 4 Paper magazines can be used without taking the time to replace them. Very expensive factory option!
  • Keyboard,
  • Mouse,
  • Set of Cables,
  • Workstation PC,
  • EZ-Controller software
  • RA4

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