This is a pair of Noritsu QSF-430L-3E processing machines for 35mm and medium format 120 film developing. Also does APS. One processor is in working order although the bleach replenishment pump is not currently working and the stabiliser baths heater won’t heat above 18 degrees.
Also there is another identical processer which is a full machine (blown motherboard) which would be used as a donor machine for the first one.

Also included will be all remaining boxed chemistry and a box of rollers and spare parts. A van with a tail lift would be required in order to lift them onto a van. The units can be wheeled around.

There is some corrosion to the corner of the body of the working unit.

It was in working order when i took it offline and drained it a couple of weeks ago. I taking if offline as i couldn’t meet the scanning demands and found it more difficult to run and operate than i used to due to time constraints.


  • Category : Noritsu
  • Condition : Used (As is)
  • Brand : Noritsu
  • Location : Wales, England
  • Model : Noritusu QSF-430L-3E

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