The NiSi Pro Nano 1.5-5 Stop Enhance ND-VARIO is a variable neutral density filter that provides an exposure reduction of 1.5 to 5 EV. The density, ND factor, is step-less controlled by turning the filter. This filter has built-in stops when turning to end positions, to make you know “where you are” during active use.

Very useful for both photography and video, as you can adjust exactly the amount of light that enters the lens for each given scene. In this way, larger apertures and/or longer shutter speeds can be used than would otherwise be possible under current lighting conditions.

An advanced nano-coating is used to repel water, grease, and dirt and makes the filter easier to clean. A thin filter ring assures that there is no risk of vignetting when used on wide-angle lenses.

For the best result, we recommend using a variable ND filter on lenses with a focal length of 35 mm or more (full-frame).


  • Category: Lens Filters
  • Condition: New
  • Brand: NISI
  • Location: Riga, Latvia


  • Reduce Exposure by 1.5-5 EV steplessly
  • Highest optical quality, no impact on sharpness
  • Neutral color reproduction
  • No “cross-effects”
  • Nano-coating repels water and grease
  • Ultra Slim Frame

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