We offer for sale:
– the brand new laser modules for any Noritsu minilabs equipped with laser types A/A1/B/B1/fF with 3 -years guarantee
– upgraded original laser modules Shimadzu and Showa of SLD series (semiconductor laser diode)
– new universal laser modules for all Noritsu minilabs [SLD]

SLD is the next step in the development of the repair of lasers.
If you do not want to repair your laser every year – buy SLD modules only.

We guarantee strong technical support during and after the warranty period.
Today we offer our high-quality service to any lab owner who has a problem with an optical engine (laser) and can repair any Shimadzu or Showa laser module for any minilabs made by Noritsu.

So If you have any defective laser and search the right source to have it fixed – we can help you with it.


  • Category : Noritsu Spare parts
  • Condition : New, Used (Refurbished)
  • Brand : Noritsu
  • Location : Latvia



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