Fujifilm LP5500
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Fujifilm LP5500 is in very good condition for sale.
Key features of the LP5500 Printer Processor are as follows:
• Compact footprint of just over 9 square feet.
• Proven Frontier laser imaging technology.
• 8” paper handling allows print sizes up to 8” x 12”.
• Dual (internal) paper magazine system.
• CP49E cartridge chemistry for ease of operation, low maintenance
• Three-sided operator maintenance for maximum layout flexibility.

Thoroughly tested in all modes.
The perfect lab for medium-volume professional use with an SP500 scanner or without it.
Will be shipped and placed on a pallet with good packing.
Air or sea delivery to any country with insurance.

Location: Germany.
The price is 10,000 euros or 10,600 USD.


  • Category: Fujifilm
  • Condition: Used (Refurbished)
  • Brand: Fujifilm
  • Location: Germany
  • Model: Fujifilm Frontier 550 (LP5500)


  • Reliable Design
  • Small footprint
  • 3 paper magazines
  • Great condition.
  • Workstation PC
  • Pre-installed L1 software (print size up to 305 x 640mm)
  • Pre-installed MS01 v.4.2
  • 12-inch double-paper magazine design
  • Reliable Seller with a crystal clear reputation

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